Fornication Nation

Hola! It’s currently 11:11 PM. Well about 10 minutes or so I was just chillin on my bed watching youtube tutorials, ya know the usual. When I hear a knock on my window. It was my cousin. She forgot to unlock the backdoor, me being the kind person I am, come to the rescue to let her inside.

~5 minutes pass~

I begin to hear squeaks outside my paper thin door, but I disregard it due to the fact that we have a bit of a mouse problem. It’s cool no big deal. A few seconds pass and the squeaks get louder. I’m just thinking to myself “Damn, that’s a big ass rat.” Moments later it hits me… Damnit Peasch.

A solid 8 minutes pass. Those must have been the longest 8 minutes of my life. A few seconds after those painfull 8 minutes, The door opens; shuts. And I’m just happy that I dont have to go another 8 minutes, hearing the “rat” squeak.

Moral of this post: Do not copulate when you have an antisocial teen in her room, who will post about your sex ruckus on her blog




1 thought on “Fornication Nation”

  1. I love your high-correlated thoughts and way of thinking six. Keep up the good work I know one day drake will discover you and put your ideas in his emotional songs.


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