quick life update :~)

I’d figure I’d take a small break after exposing myself. But I’m back and better than ever honestly. Not to brag but I’ve received a lot of great news during the past few days. I feel genuinely happy, I’m mean I’m always happy but now I’m blissful as fuck. There are a couple of things that need improvement in my life, but they’re easy fixes.

The other day I went to the store to get some supplies for a project I’m doing, and it’s gonna be really fun I think. I think I’ll display it on here after I’m done.

But yeah, I mean wow. Life is truly going in the direction I’ve been wanting to steer it in for the past 3 years. I can’t wait to show you guys what I’m doing!! Life is good!!!1! Be nice (bc I’ll at least try to be from now on )!1!!

(I got a surprise for you Alex, just wait till June :~). )


SOOOOOO, I’ve currently been in Thailand for 3 months. (GETONMYLEVEL) And am about go back to my home country. *go Slovakians!!* jk. but i am about to go back and see all the new crackheads on my block. I’ve learned heckka stuff out here. Likeeee. how to clean my self. and stuff like that you know. 😉 [ON A SERIOUS NOTE] I am a woman in progress. I’m just trying like everyone else. I try to take every conflict, every experience,   and learn from it. Life is never dull. -oprah winfrey. ( Ha you thought!) but yea I’ve been inspired out here and hopefully one day I’ll be making bank like Oprah ! *GOODNIGHT & DRIVE SAFELY KIDS 

Melissa (alezzil)

Hello, sadly in this blog I will talk about the most disgusting thing known to human kind. Its name is Alejandra Cueva. She typically eats ass on the daily. Her fetishes include feet, and ashy elbows. Unlike normal people, she showers monthly. Her typical smell consists and rotten toe jam. Her hair is rather dry and…just kidding. She’s actually a really nice person who happens to be a great friend. She’s a Libra, and she’s into that zodiac stuff so we always look @ it on tumblr. She’s really sarcastic, a veces I cant even tell if shes’s playing or no. This girl got jokes for daysss. She’s high-key slow and isn’t good at hearing. But I mean I guess I’ll enlighten her with my friendship. Hopefully my brains rub off, because god knows she needs it.  LMAOOOO SIKE ! That girl is beyond smart, she’s just lazy and not devoted to work whatsoever You can catch her watching “Riverdale” as prescribed by me, during class. Speaking of which, I also recommend that for you, for your own enjoyment and pleasure, why you ask? WEll becuase who wouldn’t like a cutie like Cole Sprouse on their personal screen?

Anyways, I wrote this for my friend Alejandra, sorry I’m not good with words and couldn’t give a proper interpretation of your true self, I honestly don’t know what prompted you to think that I could do this. But jes amiga, keep doin you.

Fornication Nation

Hola! It’s currently 11:11 PM. Well about 10 minutes or so I was just chillin on my bed watching youtube tutorials, ya know the usual. When I hear a knock on my window. It was my cousin. She forgot to unlock the backdoor, me being the kind person I am, come to the rescue to let her inside.

~5 minutes pass~

I begin to hear squeaks outside my paper thin door, but I disregard it due to the fact that we have a bit of a mouse problem. It’s cool no big deal. A few seconds pass and the squeaks get louder. I’m just thinking to myself “Damn, that’s a big ass rat.” Moments later it hits me… Damnit Peasch.

A solid 8 minutes pass. Those must have been the longest 8 minutes of my life. A few seconds after those painfull 8 minutes, The door opens; shuts. And I’m just happy that I dont have to go another 8 minutes, hearing the “rat” squeak.

Moral of this post: Do not copulate when you have an antisocial teen in her room, who will post about your sex ruckus on her blog